FANTYS is a contemporary fantasy novel with literary and metaphysical undertones, as well as a sense of humor. Rich world-building, surprising twists, and weighty existential themes will captivate readers from young adult to adult.

So what’s it about? Well, a young computer geek must save his feisty little sister from a crazy magician, find out what he’s after, and stop him from hacking a multiverse built from code-like sequences of magic. Twenty worlds hang in the balance, including Earth.

It’s a coming-of-age tale spanning multiple worlds, with a large cast of characters and a complex villain. There are dragons, elves, and fairies too. But despite its humor, FANTYS doesn’t shy away from serious topics such as personal identity, the nature of reality, and magic vs technology. This story deepens as it unfolds, leaving you with much to ponder.

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